This agreement is between Owner/Manager and Mayr & Company Realty, LLC regarding Listing # [listing-id] on the Company’s website, The listing agreement will start on [date] and expires on [next-year]. The agreement will renew automatically if not canceled on or before [eleven-months] and is in force until one of us terminates it in writing and all outstanding debts are cleared.

  1. Mayr & Company Realty, LLC agrees to provide a listing of the Property on bookluxuryrentals.comand its partner sites in exchange for a success oriented pay-per-booking fee of 15% (fifteen percent) calculated off the listed net rental contract value (prior to fees and taxes). The pay-per-booking fee will be electronically billed by email and is due upon the expiration of the travelers free-cancellation period after all rental funds have been collected non-refundable by the Owner/Manager.
  2. All inquiries on the Property will be serviced by Mayr & Company Realty, LLC until a reservation is requested by the traveler through agreeing/signing the by Owner/Manager provided lease agreement. Our reservation team might be contacting you to convey special traveler requests or rental price offers for your consideration to be incorporated into the lease.
  3. You may include a link to your property website only if the website is exclusive to the listed property. We will not display a link if it directs to a website which represents multiple properties which are not listed with
  4. If available, Owner/Manager shall provide us with an iCal calendar link from their reservation software. Alternatively Mayr & Company Realty, LLC will provide you with an iCal calendar link, if you choose to host your availability calendar on our platform through your personal member portal.
  5. Assuming there is availability, Mayr & Company Realty, LLC shall quote the total official price and any additional costs for the whole stay. Owner/Manager’s payment and cancellation policy, which you need to specify, should also be shown.
  6. Any applicable fees must be paid via PayPal and agreement signed by Owner/Manager before listing is accepted and published on
  7. You are responsible for complying with local fire, safety, tax and licensing regulations.
  8. You hereby grant Mayr & Company Realty, LLC a non-exclusive license to publish, in either original or modified format, any and all photographs that you upload, submit, or otherwise provide to You represent and warrant (1) that you are the owner of the copyrights for any and all such photographs, and (2) that your grant of a license to Mayr & Company Realty, LLC does not violate any third party’s rights.
  9. If Owner/Manager participates in the free professional magazine photo production program, the property shall be made available at no cost to our photographer crew to reside for the period required to shoot the property to our high standards during various day and nighttime hours (typically 3-7 days depending on weather, property size and surrounding attractions). Our photographer crew will travel to the property with all the professional gear necessary to accomplish the assignment at no cost to Owner/Manager. No travel and meal fees will be charged to the Owner/Manager. The photographer crew may stage the property and move furniture pieces and decoration items, if deemed necessary to improve the quality results of the photoshoot. Leaving the shooting set the photographer will move all items back into their original locations. The owner/manager shall provide and pay for a standard exit cleaning afterwards.
  10. The usage rights for any photo production performed by our photographer will remain with Mayr & Company Realty, LLC for exclusive display on the platform. The photographs can not be scrapped from the website and used in other booking venues unless the Owner/Manager purchases an unlimited usage license at a discounted rate from the photographer owning the copyrights.
  11. You agree to defend and indemnify Mayr & Company Realty, LLC for any action or claim arising out of any breach of any breach of your obligations, representations, or warranties in this agreement.

It is understood that we are a curated website and not a listing website where property owners can upload their own descriptions and images. If your property is accepted into our collection, we will be responsible for and have final approval of your property display on our website. We will choose the format, create the property description and select/edit the images that we deem appropriate and that fits our aesthetic standard. We will confirm the fundamental details of the property with the owner and will solicit their assistance when we feel it is necessary. It is our objective to present an accurate and factual description of each property as well as present it in a style and manner which best depicts the property and also fits within the design standards of

Membership includes:

  • Setup of webpage including copywriting of property descriptions
  • Up to 30 high resolution images on our website.
  • Search inclusion by style, location, country
  • We will promote your property via our various social media outlets, travel journal blogs, and newsletter. It will be at Mayr & Company Realty, LLC’s discretion as to when and how your property will be promoted.