Guest Welcome Information Guide

Thank you for choosing to stay with mayr+company Vacation Rentals and a Big welcome to Southwest Florida. We hope your journey has been a pleasant one and not too tiring!

This Guest Welcome Information Guide contains important information about your rental home and the surrounding area; please take the time to familiarize yourself with this information.

We have also included some valuable tips and advice to ensure that your vacation gets off to a perfect start. Please do not remove this guide from the home.

The home will have been thoroughly inspected prior to your arrival and will be inspected again after your departure.

We are confident that you will treat this home with care and respect during your stay, however, any damages, loss or excessive cleaning required to furnishings, decor or equipment will result in loss of security deposit and any additional cost above this amount will be charged to your credit card.

Please report any problems or damages to mayr+company Vacation Rental's immediately they occur.

Management Company / Rental Broker

mayr+company realty: 239-213-8322

Hours of Business: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday Emergency calls only. Public Holidays closed.

If there is an emergency outside of office hours, please leave a voice-mail message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible or call us direct at 239-213-8322 or 239-293-9868.


Check-in time is after 4:00 pm!

The home has been professionally cleaned & inspected and we trust that you will find everything to your satisfaction. Nonetheless, there may be some situations, where unforeseen problems arise, or external events out of our control occur. Please contact mayr+company Vacation Rentals within one hour of arrival so we are able to correct the situation. If you arrive after working hours, please leave a voice-mail message.


Check-out time is strictly before 10.00 am!

Please leave all dirty linens & towels in the laundry room.

Load & start the dishwasher with any used cutlery & crockery.

Ensure all trash is bagged and placed in the trash can provided.

Switch-off all lights and fans including those outside.

Set the air conditioning thermostat to 80 degrees.

Make sure you have locked all doors and shut all windows.

Have you packed all your belongings? Please check on and under the beds?

Check the dryer for clothes, electrical sockets for personal electrical items like phone chargers.

Early Check-Ins – Late Check-Outs

Early check-ins or late check-outs can be requested for an additional charge. All early check-ins or late check-outs are subject to no other reservations in the property at the time of your arrival/departure. As such these will be tentatively booked, and confirmed only within the last 72 hours prior to your arrival. It is the guest’s responsibility to contact mayr+company Vacation Rentals within 72 hours prior to arrival to confirm availability. In the event a Guest fails to depart from the home by 10:00 am with no late check-out arranged and this results in mayr+company Vacation Rentals being unable to clean and prepare the home for the next arriving Guest that day, the departing Guest agrees to pay damages and costs incurred by mayr+company Vacation Rentals; including but not limited to moving the incoming Guest to another home.

Garbage Collection

  • Do not mix garbage with recyclable.
  • All garbage ( not recyclable ) must be bagged.
  • Please rinse plastic bottle, cans & glass and flatten cardboard boxes.
  • All trash carts must be concealed from public view. Please do not place carts curbside earlier than 6pm on the night before the scheduled collection.
  • After collection please return the carts to their original location.
  • If you fail to place the cart at the curbside on the day of collection, it will not be emptied.
  • Do not store trash carts in the garage as I will smell and attract insects, pests and animals to the home.
  • Please be aware, any costs incurred to remove excessive garbage or fines imposed by the House caused by not following the above procedures, will be charged to the guest or deducted from the security deposit.

Garbage Disposal

Do not put Tea Bags, Bones, Paper, Egg Shells, Banana Peelings or Silverware in the Disposal.

You will be charged for repairs if you ignore this rule.

Plumbing/ Toilets

Toilets in Florida have a plumbing system considerably smaller in comparison to European countries. Therefore to avoid blockages and overflows, please do not flush any of the following: Baby wipes, personal hygiene products, kitchen paper towel, disposable diapers/nappies, cotton buds or Excessive Toilet Tissue.

Should your toilet become blocked we have provided a plunger for you to use. In the event the toilet begins overflowing, immediately turn the water off with the stop valve located underneath the tank at the back of the toilet.

Please note that guests will be charged a $50 maintenance call out and any additional costs incurred to fix the blockage.

Housekeeping Policy

You are on self-catering vacation but for your convenience, we have provided you with a complimentary supply of starter soap, toilet paper, dish-washing & laundry soaps and trash bags.

Once these items have been used, it is the guest’s responsibility to replenish them for their own use during their stay. mayr+company Vacation Rentals is not responsible for changing the linens & towels or cleaning the home. If you require a daily maid-service at an additional cost, please contact the office during working hours.

Air Conditioning

The temperature should be set between 74 – 78 degrees which is comfortable. Do not set too low! Please note that setting the thermostat to a lower setting will not cool the home any quicker. Setting the temperature below 72 degrees can result in the system freezing up. If this happens the air conditioning will have to be turned off to allow the unit to de-frost. You will have no air conditioning during this time and will be responsible for the technician call-out charges.

If the windows have condensation – that is a definite sign you have the air-conditioning temperature sett too high and risk freezing the unit.

Air Conditioning only works effectively when all windows and doors are fully closed.

Kitchen Appliances

Please do not use abrasive cleaners. We do have guests who may have allergies to bleach so please does not use laundry bleach or any other type of bleach in the home.

Washing Machine / Dryer

For your convenience the home is fitted with a complimentary use of a washing machine and dryer. Please ensure you follow these instructions:

  • Never overload the washer or dryer.
  • Please ensure you clean the dryer filter after each user otherwise it is a fire hazard.
  • Please use only detergent specifically for the machine.
  • Do not wash sandy towels or clothing as this will cause the pipes to block and a call-out charge will be made.


The grill is built into the top of the oven; The American word for grill is `BROIL`.

Please remember to leave the oven door open when grilling / broiling.


Only use dishwasher powder or liquid NOT product meant for HAND WASHING.


The blinds in your vacation home are delicate and should be opened and closed with care. We ask that you have the slats rotated into an open position prior to pulling the blinds in a side-to side or up and down direction.

Ceramic Tile & Wood Floor

Please be aware that ceramic tile & wood floor are slippery when wet and that caution should be taken to avoid any falls and injury.


Tap water in Florida is safe to drink, but can taste different from what you are used to.


Voltage in the United States is 110 Volt. If you are using a travel appliance or have brought an electrical appliance from home, it must be dual voltage. This is especially true for baby monitors, hair dryers, straightening irons etc.. If you need a plug adapter, these can be easily purchased at Walgreen, Wal-mart and Publix. Please also note that not all DVD`s or CD`s will work in the home if they have not been purchased in North America.

Light switches in Florida work in reverse compared to Europe. Light switches on the wall also control lamps, if you have difficulty turning on a lamp; please also ensure you have checked that it is plugged into the outlet.

Owner's Closet

The home may have locked closets which contain the owner’s personal items like clothes and toiletries. Nothing of value is left inside! Guests should not attempt to open the closets.

BBQ Grill

If the owner has provided a complimentary BBQ grill, please be aware that you are using it at your own risk. Guests will be held responsible for any damage cause by use or misuse of the BBQ grill. Only use the BBQ in open, outdoor areas. The BBQ must not to be used in any enclosed areas. Florida Law state that no grilling is allowed on the pool deck of a rental home with a pool screen or the patio of a condominium. Always remember to turn-off the propane after each use. mayr+company Vacation Rentals and/ or the Owner do not accept liability for equipment failure. It is the guest’s responsibility to clean and maintain the barbeque and replenish Propane as required. You can get this at every Walgreen’s, Walmart or gas station around the corner.


The pool is cleaned weekly by our professional service company – depending on weather conditions. A pool net is made available for your use to remove debris in between cleans. Weather conditions can alter the chemical balance of the pool and water level. Should the water level become low please top up with the hose located on the outside of the house.

The pool heating is set by a timer and must not be changed. Please do not touch the pool equipment or settings. If you have any problems with the controls, heat or spa, please call: mayr+company Vacation Rentals

Pool Safety

  • Swim at your own risk.
  • Never leave children unattended in the pool area. Adult supervision is requires at all times.
  • Children must have an adult accompanying them either poolside or in the pool itself.
  • Do not run around the pool or patio area. No horseplay.
  • Do not dive into the pool at anytime or for any reason.
  • The pool fence or the pool door alarms must be in operation at all times.
  • If the home is fitted with a pool alarm, it will go off when any of the doors are opened that lead out onto the pool area. Please do not confuse this alarm with the house alarm. To enter or exit onto the pool area, press the button on the wall first and then open the door. Close the door immediately.
  • Under no circumstances must you attempt to disable the pool alarm.
  • Only plastic glasses and plates are allowed around pool and patio area.
  • Never swim in the pool during a storm or when thunder can be heard.
  • Please use swim diapers in the pool and spa if your child is not potty trained.
  • Do not leave food around pool or patio area – this will most definitely attract unwanted bugs quickly.

Beach Towels

We respectfully ask you not to take bathroom towels to the beach or away from the property. Do not leave towels out in the sun to dry as the sun will bleach the colors of the towels.

Pest Control

Each mayr+company home is treated for bugs and pests. Unfortunately with Florida`s beautiful weather comes the inevitable problem of bugs. The home is treated regularly by a professional pest control company. Despite these preventative measures, insects may continue to get into areas such as drains or under doorways. If you find roaches or ants it does not mean the home is dirty, it just means you live in Florida.

In May & September Florida is invaded by Love Bugs. They are completely harmless although annoying. There is nothing that can be done about their presence.

Fire Ants – please watch where you walk! If you step in a bed of fire ants they will bite you. Rinse off the afflicted area with cold water, small red bumps will appear and they will itch like crazy, it is recommended to buy a itch relieve cream from the local CVS or Walgreen’s or grocery store.

Pool Heat & Hot Tub

Typically warm and humid, Florida does experience a winter season. These months are usually October through to April. During these months pool heat is generally needed.

The heating of your pool and maintaining the heat are based on several different factors: The direction the pool faces, hours of sunlight, the amount of rainfall and especially overnight temperatures.

The pool temperature is set to 84 F as per Florida law. Pool heat will heat your pool to approximately 75 – 84 degrees, so long as the overnight temperature does not drop below 55 degrees. If the outside temperature drops below 55 degrees, the pool can lose 20 degrees overnight.

The pool is cleaned weekly by a professional service company every week on the same day. A pool net is supplied for your use to remove debris in between cleans. Weather conditions can alter the chemical balance of the pool and water level. Should the water level become low, please top up with the hose located on the outside of the house.

The pool light and heating is set by a timer.

If you have any problems with the controls or pool heat please call:

mayr+company Vacation Rentals: Phone 239-213-8322