• No upfront fees
  • Risk-free - no annual commitment
  • No hassles - we do the entire setup of your property page
  • Copywriting included - we provide professional description for your property
  • Photography included - we visit the property and produce amazing photography
  • Search inclusion by country, location or style
  • Promotion included through social media outlets, travel journals and newsletters
  • Calendar import/export supported
  • Service included - we work inquiries until reservation & deposits are secured

With a thrilling collection of properties, from personal homes and private compounds to small hotels, bookluxuryrentals.com is a unique niche vacation rental site – a collection of amazing properties, by invitation only, fused with a personal travel journal, revealing some unbeaten paths for those who “Travel in Style.”

bookluxuryrentals.com appeals to like-minded travelers – lovers of design & style – performing the legwork for those who don’t have the time or inclination to sift through thousands of listings on other sites, looking for that special property. We set us apart displaying quality over quantity with an inspiration to feature original design, dramatic locations or unique experiences for the traveler.

Meet the Founders

Tina Marie and her team have been designing, photographing, building and decorating vacation homes for over 15 years. From the picturesque Cote d’Azur in France to the sunny coastline of Florida we have built and remodeled vacation homes from the ground up and welcomed travelers from around the world. So when we invite vacation homes and small hotels to showcase on bookluxuryrentals.com, we select based on our experience and aesthetics. bookluxuryrentals.com is our personal collection, hand-picked and presented BY US – FOR YOU!

Tell us more about your vacation home by completing our contact form. It is important to include your website details, if you have one. Should your property fit the criteria we are seeking in your destination, we will reach out to you to discuss how we might partner up. If your vacation home is located in a destination which is not currently offered by us, we’ll save your details for future consideration.


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