Where do I inquire about a property?

While viewing a particular property on our website, you’ll see the ‘CONTACT US or BOOK’ tab right below the by date search box. Inputting your travel dates and amount of guests in your party and clicking the ‘BOOK” tab will provide you a quote and in most instances the ability to secure a reservation with a credit card deposit right from there. Utilizing the ‘CONTACT US” tab you will be able to convey a message to us with further questions you might have regarding a specific property.

Can I search by available dates?

Yes, please use the search bar on top of every page on our website. You can use the input values there to search by travel dates or by location.

Can I search using filters?

Yes, as we know how important it is to find what you are looking for, you can click on ‘magnifying glass’ symbol on the search bar at the top of any of our websites pages and then choose ‘MORE FILTERS’ on the result landing page to filter by your preferences.

Do you have special offers?

We certainly do, and you can find our special deals HERE.

How do I cancel my booking?

If you need to cancel your booking please send a message to us via our conversation panel or reply to the email address from which you received your booking confirmation.

Who can I contact if something did not go as planned?

If something did not go as planned while using our website, services or with the booking please send us an email through the CONTACT US tab and we will listen to your concerns.

Do you personally stay in all of these places?

We have stayed and experienced most of them during our selection process, are friends with many of the owners, and we plan to visit more.

As an owner, how can I join your collection?

We are excited that you would like to share your property with us. Simply click on the ‘JOIN US’ tab and send us a message filling out the ‘SIGNUP’ box with some photos or even a link to your website by. Alternatively use the ‘CONTACT US’ tab. We will get back with you shortly.

How can I update my listing?

If you are having a listing with us and wish to update your rates or information please email us using the ‘CONTACT US’ tab or the email addresses provided during your account setup.

What if I need new photos?

If you would like to give your listing a fresh look please send us a message with your property name and we will attempt to visit your home for a re-shoot as soon as we are back again in your area.

How can I stay up to date about new properties you are adding?

To be in the know about what is going on, join our newsletter. There is a subscription link at the bottom of every page on our website.

How can we be social?

Let’s be social! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Who can I contact for marketing collaborations?

Please send an email through the ‘CONTACT US’ tab.

Can I work for you?

Yes, you can. Affiliate with us and for each property that signs up through your website or efforts that we accept, you’ll receive a $50 commission. It’s that easy.